Ends on May 10, 2019

Submit one of your best, previously unpublished poems, in either a Word doc or PDF. Multiple submissions, up to five (5), are accepted and encouraged. Please submit 1 poem per submission, so we can accept or decline individual poems. 

We would love to read your novel, but in order to give every artist an equal opportunity to fit into our latest issue, we ask that you please try to limit your prose pieces to 2500 words. There is no minimum word count for prose and we aren’t going to throw your piece out the window if it’s 3200 words, but please be conscious of your word count.

Please submit one file at a time, sent as either a Word doc or PDF. Multiple submissions are accepted and encouraged.

Visual art is an integral part of our magazine, so submit your best paintings, pictures, macaroni art, and anything else deemed visually alluring.

Please submit one image at a time, sent as a .JPEG or .PDF files. Multiple submissions are accepted and encouraged. Be aware that we will have to size the images to fit into the magazine if they are accepted.

If you find yourself in the situation where your art falls into multiple categories, fear not, we are wholly intrigued and fascinated with any form of art, regardless of societally emplaced titles.

Willard and Maple